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Why we are chosen

The two most important reasons why our customers choose us are:

The correct planning and the good design of their installation.
Our people carry a large experience and collaborate with our customers to understand their real needs in organization and equipment. Then, we design the installation in AutoCAD and make drawings that include all the requirements in electricity, water, sewerage and ventilation.
The good after-sales technical support.
Our group of technicians is large and experienced. For the immediate service needs at remote areas (e.g. Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Cyprus) we are contracted to local technicians. Since 2009 we started offering preventive maintenance contracts, aiming at the prevention of technical problems and the longer life of your equipment.



Location: Stravo Pefko, 193 00 Aspropirgos PO BOX 71, Τ: +30 210 6740951, F: +30 210 6740994