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Products of SVOLOS - SARRIS S.A.

In our company you will find the full range of products for professional kitchens.

The stainless steel constructions of our factory follow the highest specifications!

Tables, shelves, cupboards, drawers, hoods, sinks, bain maries, hot cupboards etc. Since Vianox-Franke times, we make the most heavy duty stainless steel constructions, with the longest life expectation.


Saladettes Friulinox

last Chillers Friulinox

Free Standing Refrigerators FRIULINOX

The best refrigerators in the world!

Combi Steam Ovens RATIONAL

For perfect cooking, absolute reliability and automatic washing at the end of the day.

French Cooking Equipment HIRODE

Appliances with very high quality

Dishwashers S-DIHR

From small glasswashers for bars to the largest Flight Type Dishwashers


Using granules for the pot washing there is no need for scrubbing

Preparation machines DITO

Mixers, Potato Peelers, Vegetable Cutters

Cooking Equipment MARENO

Robust Italian cooking appliances in three series: 900, 700 and SNACK.

Rotary Ovens for Bread and Pastry ZANOLLI

Dough kneaders, Dough Cutters SIGMA

Wine Refrigerators P

For the perfect control of the temperatures

Hospital Portioning and Distribution Systems UPFER

Meal conveyor belts, plate and tray, mobile Bain marries

Hospital Distribution Trolleys SOCAMEL of France


Location: Stravo Pefko, 193 00 Aspropirgos PO BOX 71, : +30 210 6740951, F: +30 210 6740994