Our factory

SBS 5 The Group 5 Factory

Our production unit is located in Aspropyrgos, Attica. In this factory, we manufacture stainless steel kitchen constructions such as tables, cupboards, sinks, hoods, shelves, trolleys and more, as well as a series of specialized products such as:

  • Buffet furniture with heating and cooling parts
  • Stainless steel floor grilles with basin and siphon
  • Surgery scrub sinks
  • Surgery cabinets

At SBS Group, we make a systematic effort to manufacture in our factory in Greece the biggest part of a project’s constructions. Thus, on the one hand, we give work to Greeks, and on the other, we customize our products based on the clients’ needs.

Our construction unit is equipped with modern machines of CNC technology and is certified by ISO 9001.

Kitchen Equipment

Comprehensive solutions for kitchens.

Laundry Equipment

Comprehensive solutions for laundries.