Kitchen & Laundry Design

SBS 5 Services 5 Kitchen & Laundry Design

We provide comprehensive high quality kitchen and laundry design solutions. We follow the design specifications and the HACCP guidelines.

We design the spot requirements of the equipment in electricity, water, gas, steam and ventilation, so that the preparation of these requirements can proceed along with the order of the equipment.

Understanding the Customer’s Needs

To offer the best design, we first need to understand the real needs of our customers. We try to understand exactly what they need. That is why we dedicate as much time as necessary to discuss with you all your specialized needs. We look at the customer’s problems and needs, as if they were our own.

The Appropriate Design

We design various alternatives with the help of Autocad, before presenting a proposal to our customer.

We implement the HACCP guidelines throughout our study, paying attention to avoid intersections of food flows and apply the specific temperature requirements of each room. We also care to provide solutions for kitchen cleaning and hygiene.

Implementation Drawings

When the study is complete, we prepare accurate drawings, with the coordinates of all spot requirements:

Electricity requirements
Plumbing requirements
Drainage and floor grid requirements
Gas and steam supply requirements
Interior masonry requirements

Our customer can use these drawings to create the infrastructure required, so that, when the equipment arrives on site, the project can be assembled in minimum time.