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SBS 5 Terms of use
1. Introduction
The company with the name “SVOLOS – SARRIS PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT RESEARCH TRADE AND STORAGE COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL COMPANY” (SVOLOS – SARRIS MELETITIKI EMPORIKI KAI APOTHIKEYTIKI ETAIREIA EPAGGELMATIKOY EKSOPLISMOY ANONYMOS EMPORIKI VIOMIXANII ETAIREIA), based in Aspropyrgos, Attica, Location Stravo Pefko, with VAT (TIN) no. 095632836, Commercial Companies’ Tax Office of Athens, (henceforth: “the Company”) has created and is managing the present website https://www.sbsgroup.gr/ henceforth the “Website”) with the objective to present the offered services and specifically the supply of equipment of professional stoves and washing machines to businesses or/and consumers (henceforth: the “Users”). The use of the website and the services offered by us are subject to the present Terms, which you accept fully and without reservation by using our website. The Company may unilaterally amend any of the present Terms, without prior notification to the website users. In case you disagree with one of those terms, you are kindly asked not to use our website.

By using the website, and if you select subscription to our newsletter, your declared e-mail address may be used for the delivery of news e-mails, in compliance with the Laws and Regulations in force, and especially the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Services of the Company and/or the Website directed exclusively to adults according to law are not to be used by minors and the Company bears no liability if minors visit the Website or/and use the services offered therein.

2. Links
2.1 The Website may contain links to other websites. The Company provides those links only for your convenience, it is not responsible or liable for the actions of those other independent websites. The inclusion of such links does not under any circumstances indicate that the Company adopts, supports or accepts the contents, advertisements, products, services, policies or material found on or available on those websites.
2.2 In addition, the Website may contain advertisements, as well as presentation of other material with advertising content, objective or character. The Company is not obliged to examine and does not examine the lawfulness of the advertising material presented on the present Website and hence no liability whatsoever may be attributed to the Company. This responsibility lies with those being advertised, sponsors or creators of the presented advertising material.

3. Service availability
The company makes every reasonable effort for the good function of the website, though it does not guarantee that the website or server function will be free of any interruption or fault, viruses, or other similar elements. Therefore, the website’s users accept that the Company has the right to modify or/and temporarily or permanently discontinue the entire or part of the website with or without notification, given that availability may be affected by the equipment of each user or other communication networks, the large number of people trying to use the website simultaneously or other reasons. Hence, the Company does not bear any liability for any kind of damage (positive, incidental, consequential, tort / negligence, contractual or other damage), that is caused by inability to access the Website, by interruption of the entire or part of the Website, the delay, non-delivery, interruption or bad download quality of the services, or by missing content, as well as by the existence of any type of errors. In any case, the Company reserves the right to suspend the Website operation temporarily or permanently at any time, either in its entirety or parts of it, for maintenance or updates, or for any other reason.

4. Protection
Even though the Company makes every possible effort to protect the Website from digital viruses or malware, it cannot guarantee that the Users will never be affected by those or by third-party attacks. Therefore, the Users of the Website must accommodate for their own protection before using the Website.

5. Use of Services
Users are exclusively responsible for the declaration of correct and true data that they submit on the Website, and they must notify the Company o every change. The Company always reserves the right to limit access to the Website at its discretion.

6. User obligations
6.1 Names, images, audiovisual works, logotypes, trademarks and distinctive characteristics (distinguishing features), software, information and data used in the framework of Website operation, and which concern its content and services are protected by the relevant legislation regarding copyrights of the Greek, Union and International law and belong exclusively to the Company or/and third -party beneficiaries. Their appearance on the Website is not to be considered under any circumstances as transfer or granting of license or permission to use. www.sbsgroup.gr constitutes a registered domain name which has been lawfully granted to the Company and is governed by the pertinent protective provisions regarding domain names.
6.2 The Company and the Website, under the terms and conditions set out in this present and all the applicable laws and regulations, grant to the user a non-exclusive, non-transferrable, personal, limited right to access and use this website, the application, and their included data. This permission does not constitute in any way transfer of a title or right on the website or on any service offered or provided therein. It is explicitly prohibited that Users reproduce, present publicly / publish, distribute, or use the Website or our logo for any public or commercial purpose, unless otherwise permitted herein.

7. Limited Liability
By using our Website, you agree that you use it on your own responsibility and that in no way is the company responsible for any specific, indirect or related damage or any damage in general arising from the contract or tort, which may result from using the website or its content. In any case, the Company is not liable for any type of damage (incidental (direct), consequential, involuntary/ negligence, tort, contractual or other damage), deriving either from the user’s inability to access the Website, the partial or total operation suspension, the lack of content or the existence of any type of errors.

8. Personal data
8.1 Users can browse the Website without giving any personal information at all.
8.2 The Company, respecting the confidentiality of such data and invariably following the personal data protection principles, shall not proceed to unlawful use or disclosure of the personal information it collects, except following express consent of the user or in case it is required by the relevant law provisions or a competent public authority.
8.3 In any case, the Company’s employees who have access to your personal information are numbered and their access to your personal information without authorization is prohibited. Every reasonable measure for the protection of your data has been taken. Your personal information is disclosed to public authorities or businesses collaborating with the company in extremely rare and special occasions, with the objective of supporting, promoting, and executing your transactions with us, but always under conditions that fully secure that your personal data are not subject to illegal processing.
8.4 At any time, Users reserve the right to be informed or to raise objections to the further processing of their data, according to the relevant legislation about personal data protection.
8.5 You can find the Company’s detailed Privacy Policy here (www.sbsgroup.gr)

9. Communication and complaints
Communication between the Company and Users about information and related complaints will be done exclusively electronically by sending an email to info@sbsgroup.gr

10. Applicable Law
The above Terms of Use, as well as any amendment thereof are governed by Greek Law and the Courts of Athens have jurisdiction and competency over any dispute arising from application of the above terms of \use and any amendments thereto.

Last amendment 15.12.2022

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